The Eye was on hand at Hugh’s culinary for Fleet Week 2013 Galley Wars! Find out who won and what this year’s secret ingredient was!
Similar to the Iron Chef reality show, the Galley Wars competition pits military culinary specialists against each other in a contest to prepare the best food using only surprise ingredients. Chefs and their brigades ordinarily come from ships participating in Fleet Week Port Everglades. This year, with a focus on our local military units, each branch has been teamed up with culinary students attending The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and supervised by command volunteers. An exciting and challenging competition, our chefs receive awards, acclaim and token prizes. The fortunate who attend the competition enjoy an outstanding meal prepared by some of the most talented and resourceful military culinary specialists in the country and a festive evening with an open bar, live music and tropical pig roast to compliment the competitor’s creations.