imagePinion hosts monthly “passion hours” at local bars and restaurants to bring awareness to Special Olympics. Watch highlights from this month’s event at Stache. Next month’s Passion Hour is Feb 4th at Sweet Nectar.
Pinion, Inc. was founded in 1991 and has grown into an organization whose membership is comprised of a cross-section of Tri-County business and community leaders. Over the past few years, Pinion’s membership has continued to show impressive growth.
Since inception, Pinion has hosted regularly scheduled social events, meetings and activities on behalf of Special Olympics. Pinion has become the financial arm of the Special Olympics, providing the program with the funds needed to provide individuals with mental handicaps the opportunity to participate in the program.
Over the years, Special Olympics have recognized Pinion as the Local Support Organization of the Year. Through successful fundraising efforts Pinion has given the local program the opportunity to do more for these special individuals year-round.