For our new ‘Spotlight Series’ we sat down with Top Law & Mediation Attorney in the Country, Susan Guthrie for a more intimate look into the modern divorce and why her Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast has reached over 1.5 million listeners!
Together with fellow top attorney @rebeccazung, Susan has founded ‘Breaking Free Mediation’ offering online divorce mediation services nationwide and in-person services in Los Angeles, Chicago, Naples and Greenwich.
Her @breaking_free_divorce_podcast has already hit the iTunes Top 10 and has revolutionized the conversation around divorce by candidly discussing both the emotional and light hearted sides of a serious issue and bringing on incredible guests, experts and sharing her own humeroid personal anecdotes. It is a feel good listen during what is usually a tough emotional time. You will laugh, you will cry, but you will gain a lot of useful information to help you through one of the toughest times.
Our new Spotlight Series aims to bring a more in-depth look at people in your city doing incredible and noteworthy things with groundbreaking results! For full interview head to the link in bio and be sure to give Susan a follow at @susan_guthrie_esq And her podcast a listen at @breaking_free_divorce_podcast