Host Max Tucci sits down with NATPE’s President & CEO Rod Perth at the Fontainebleau in Miami to discuss television, content, the ever changing industry, and life itself.
What is NATPE:
imageCelebrating over 50 years of service to the ever-evolving global television industry, NATPE continues to redefine itself and the services it provides to meet the needs of its members and the industry. What has remained constant is NATPE’s commitment to encouraging the growth and supporting the success of video content development, creations, production, financing and distribution across all platforms.
NATPE is the most important international “must-attend” Market and Conference held in the U.S. The NATPE||Miami 2014 theme “No barriers. New business.” reflects a commitment to creating a market for the linear and digital communities, as well as advertisers and brands. NATPE breaks down the barriers by setting new expectations and possibilities, and creates the environment where deals get done across every platform.
What NATPE does.
NATPE implements our mission by providing members with education, networking, professional enhancement and technological guidance through year-round activities and events and access to a database of global industry contacts.
NATPE does provide valuable information and resources to its membership, which is comprised of companies and individuals involved in or wanting to become involved with the creation, development and distribution of television programming.
NATPE does serve as a catalyst for idea sharing, discussion and debate regarding trends and practices in the television industry as it relates to programming.
What NATPE doesn’t do.
NATPE does not provide referrals to agents, managers, lawyers, producers, distributors or network executives; however, it does make its membership database available online.
NATPE does not present program concepts to development executives; however, it does create opportunities for content creators to meet and pitch ideas to development executives during several of the industry events it organizes.
NATPE does not serve as a clearinghouse for program concepts or ideas; however, it does publish a directory of companies and individuals involved in program creation, development and distribution and also provides links to other industry associations, trade publications and organizations that could be helpful in researching and/or registering program ideas.