Not one month after franchises and fans celebrate some of the game’s best players at MLB All-Star Weekend do we find front offices looking to trade those same players away. You hear the phrase all the time in pro sports, and baseball is no different. The MLB is a business at the end of the day. So, with the 2023 MLB trade deadline approaching, we have no choice but to expect our fair share of moves. 

Plus, as a city with two baseball teams, we’re used to seeing double the action this time of year.

The White Sox have already made some noise after getting swept by their northern counterparts in the Crosstown Classic. Things have been quiet for the Chicago Cubs so far, but their wins over the Sox surely impacted the 2023 MLB trade deadline already. Let’s break down what to expect for both our teams!

2023 MLB Trade Deadline


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A Southside Selloff 

If it wasn’t obvious by the product we’ve seen on the field this season – the Chicago White Sox are sellers ahead of the 2023 MLB trade deadline. Back at the start of May, we discussed how the team was doing so far in the year and how the question to buy or sell was still up in the air. Fast-forward to today – we know where we stand, and the front-office does too as they’ve already made a move before the trade deadline.

Late at night this past Wednesday, the Sox made their first move of the 2023 MLB trade deadline in a trade with the Los Angeles Angels. In the deal, the White Sox sent pitchers Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez for two of the Angels top prospects: Ky Bush and Edgar Quero.


Seeing Giolito leave may not be the most fun move, but it was practically a given that this would be his last year with the Chicago White Sox. And the same can be said for Lopez too as both pitchers are set to hit free agency after the season ends. Plus, the return the Sox got in two Double-A players, Bush and Quero, should be fairly solid. Quero is a top prospect in baseball and should have a strong career once he enters the majors.

With about five days to go until the 2023 MLB trade deadline, there’s still plenty of time for the Sox to make some more moves and look to the future of rebuilding. But, for now, let’s turn our heads north.



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Cubs Contemplate Choices

It’s all crickets up in the Northside as the 2023 MLB trade deadline approaches.


Will they sell? Or will they buy? Only time will tell, and while we hope they lean more towards some buying moves, it’s hard to tell what Hoyer and Co. plan to do. We can’t envision them going all-in and mortgage their future. However, we also don’t see a complete selling spree rebuild like the White Sox are more geared for in their present state. 

The Cubs have some solid pieces in Marcus Stroman and Cody Bellinger that could offer a great return if traded to the right contender. At the same time, both guys are more than capable of helping the Cubs produce on the field and win games now. The fans want that, Manager David Ross wants that, and upper management should want that too. 

Ultimately, if we had to make a prediction, we could see some buying take place pending the outcome of the next set of games against the Cardinals. Their current record of 51-51 has them five games back of the top of the NL Central standings, so anything they can do to improve via trade would surely put them closer towards making the postseason. Trade target-wise, the Cubs could look to build their pitching more with a left-handed reliever, and they could also target some offensive production at first and third base, and the DH spot.

The 2023 MLB trade deadline falls on next Tuesday, August 1 at 5 PM CST. You can visit the official website of the MLB to keep track of every deal from now until then!


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