Steak is by far the simplest, easiest, and tastiest food you can offer to anybody. It does not matter if you’re skillful or even serving it for yourself or for a family gathering; steak does its job for you. Do you want some proof? Try searching on Google, Youtube, or even Facebook. There are a handful of video tutorials and “vlogs” about how easy it is to cook different kinds of steaks. 

But do not let your guards down. You can only enjoy your steak meal if you’ve done your research and will not be mistaken for bad quality meats. Make sure to avoid making a disastrous and expensive mistake by understanding where you’ll get your supply. Nothing beats a trustworthy shop, right?

Chicago is famous for providing Americans with a wide selection of top-grade beef. It could be a hassle for those who’re not from this place, but fortunately, Chicago Steak Company delivers hand-carved, vacuum-sealed prime steak. Now this will give you confidence and assurance that you’re only serving your friends and family a 5-star restaurant kind of steak.

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Grade Category


This category technically speaks about your budget. You can choose from the artisan process or dry-aged profile, wet-aged steak, premium Angus, or the most expensive Wagyu/Kobe-Style beef.

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Cut Category


Your cut preference is present in any beef quality grades. This category varies with fat, muscle, and marbling content. Ribeye is famous for rich marbling, while the tenderloin is said to be the most desirable cut for its flavor and tenderness since it is found in the backbone area.

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Other Options


Chicago Steak Company will not restrict your family dinner viand. They surely offer hearty ideas like fresh seafood products, gourmet burgers, and lots of desserts. Expect a great finish with their flavorful cheesecakes. 

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