As the Morton Arboretum commemorates its centennial year, the renowned public garden and outdoor museum is gearing up for yet another exciting addition to its array of attractions. In May 2024, the Arboretum will unveil a unique nine-hole mini-golf course named “Wonder Woods,” designed to captivate visitors of all ages with interactive, tree-themed features and unexpected elements.

Celebrating a century of growth and development since its humble beginnings on Mr. Joy Morton’s 175-acre estate, the Morton Arboretum has evolved into a sprawling 1,700-acre haven featuring tree collections, gardens, and natural landscapes. Recent additions, including the $16 million “Grand Garden” and the installation of large-scale sculptures by Polish-American artist Olga Ziemska, have solidified the Arboretum’s status as a must-visit destination.

The New Morton Arboretum Will Be A Visual Treat For Golfers

The upcoming Wonder Woods mini-golf course promises a delightful experience, combining recreation with education. Each hole is meticulously designed to highlight the significance of trees in mitigating climate change, supporting ecosystems, and enhancing communities. Visitors can expect vibrant visual elements, such as fabricated tree canopies providing natural shade to golfers during the summer months.

Morton Arboretum Chicago

Amy Scott, Head of Exhibitions at the Morton Arboretum, expressed excitement about the project, stating, “Each hole brings the Arboretum’s tree research to life in a playful way.” The course aims to engage participants in a fun and immersive exploration of the vital roles trees play in maintaining a healthy environment.


The Wonder Woods course will boast unexpected elements, adding an element of surprise and creativity to the mini-golf experience. From a foosball-inspired hole featuring acorns from various oak tree species to a replica of the Chicago skyline with a stylized urban tree canopy, the course is set to be unlike any other.

The New Golf Course Will Operate Seven Days A Week

Scheduled to open on Friday, May 24, near the Visitor Center, the Wonder Woods course will operate seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tickets for adult members will be priced at $8, child members at $6, while non-member tickets will be available at $10 for adults and $8 for children.


As the Arboretum continues its vibrant calendar of events, the Wonder Woods mini-golf course adds a playful dimension to its offerings, inviting visitors to connect with nature in an entertaining and educational manner. Stay tuned for more information as the Morton Arboretum unveils further details about this exciting new summertime attraction in 2024.

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