The pathway to enlightenment was illuminated Saturday night at Mar-a-Lago as people came from around the world to support the Unicorn Children’s Foundation. It was a night of cocktails, fragrant foods, mystical music, colorful dancers, and auctions.
This year’s event Chairs were Max Tucci, Cindi Krost, Donald Trump and Melania Trump.
Eva La Rue, Mistress of Ceremonies, Emmy-Nominated Actress, ELEW, American jazz pianist, DJ Lina, and Xavier Lewis singer songwriter were all apart of the entertainment.
Unicorn Children’s Foundation is an international non-profit organization dedicated to children and young adults with developmental, communication, and learning disorders through education, awareness, and research so that they have every opportunity to lead productive and fulfilling lives.
Unicorn Children’s Foundation was founded in 1994 by Mark Rosenbloom, MD shortly after his three year old son was diagnosed with a severe communication disorder. Up until that time, he had been told by numerous professionals that his son, who was not yet speaking, would “grow out of it.” But he didn’t.
As a result of one misdiagnosis after another, many months of valuable therapies and intervention were lost. Out of his pain and frustration, and a wish to provide hope for all families with children who suffer from a developmental, communication or learning disorder, Unicorn Children’s foundation was born.
Unicorn Children’s Foundation’s key initiatives include: promoting early identification of symptoms associated with ADHD, autism, bipolar, dyslexia and other learning disorders; developing and disseminating worldwide ground-breaking and extensive evaluation and treatment guidelines; fostering communication and collaboration between parents, professionals and policy makers to promote learning and increased awareness; and to provide adequate tools and resources to better meet the needs of our beneficiaries.