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Has adapted a new program that addresses the
ever growing problems with Child Protection
By Edwin L. Crammer CPA
Photo courtesy Nova Southeastern University
We hear more and more stories each week in the media regarding child abuse and abduction somewhere in the United States. Many of these cases are situations where the non-custodial parent abducts or abuses one or more of the children and takes off for parts unknown. In many other cases, the abductor is a sexual predator, who ends up raping, beating and murdering the child in a brutal manor. In the recent years, many of these cases have taken place in Florida.
Recognizing that this is a problem that needs to be addressed, Nova Southeastern University at its Main Campus in Davie Florida, has developed an educational on-line Masters Degree program to train individuals in assisting to protect these children, assist law enforcement professionals in tracking down the individuals that have perpetrated these criminal acts as well as developing the skills needed to reduce or prevent these heinous crimes from taking part in the first place.
Directing this program is Denise Crammer-Turner, M.S. Psy.D. Dr Turner has been instrumental with her team in developing an educational program that consists of on-line classes to train these individuals who are interested in entering and gaining stronger skills in working with this field.
In discussing this subject with Dr. Crammer-Turner, she reiterated that this is a new program not found at many Universities. Because of the problems arising in our society with protecting our children, especially in our current economy like homelessness, financial difficulty, and substance abuse, more and more children are suffering. There are job opportunities available for those individuals who receive the training and acquire the skills to be able to deal more effectively with these ongoing issues in our country.
Anyone interested in obtaining more information about this program can contact Dr. Crammer-Turner at
She noted that there is financial aid available for those who need it.
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