It took three years, but Palm Beach Gardens’ resident Arthur L. Bernstein is finally bring a young Walt Disney to a screen near you.
“Walt before Mickey is never talked about it’s something that nobody ever really realizes,” said Arthur L. Bernstein, one of the co-writers and executive producers of “Walt Before Mickey.”

imageThe crew headed to Deland, FL to catch some behind the scenes filming and get some interviews from the cast and crew. Based on the book “Walt Before Mickey” covers the early years of Walt Disney’s career.

Take an inside peek with us as we catch up with:
(In order of appearance)

Arthur Bernstein – Executive Producer
Scott Katzman -Producer
Ryan Finnigan – Producer Assistant
Sheena Collette -Actress
Lee Broda – Lead casting & Actress
Timothy Williams – Actor
Hardy Rawls – Actor
Hunter Gomez -Actor
Colleen Gura – Wardrobe
Khoa Le – Director