Santa Monica, 24 September 2017 Written by: Miquette Caalsen – Jackie the French Reporter joined some fabulous guests on the red carpet at the Fairmont Miramar hotel for the Second Annual Breaking the Silence Awards, honouring leaders in the LGBTQI community who uses their platform to advocate against sexual and domestic abuse.
The fundraiser event is hosted by the I Love Me Foundation, an organisation dedicated to providing resources, and educational information, to the community who are often overlooked when this delicate and critical social problem is discussed. As Wendell James schools us: “We always liken domestic violence to heterosexual couples, and we don’t think it happens in same sex couples.”
Laith Ashley describes the I Love Me Foundation as “The organization is involved in spreading the message that: You are not alone.” A critical reminder in times of crises.
“I think it let’s people know that are part of domestic abuse or violence to know that there is a safe place that they can speak out and they can reach out,” Chaz Dean elaborated, “The more they know that by doing it, it’s going to change, and they’re gonna come out of that and not live in fear; I think is the most important part.” And as Sampson McCormick so clearly describes the emotional state the victims of domestic violence deals with: “They’re shy, they’re afraid, they’re emotionally and mentally manipulated out of wanting to speak up,” underlining how critical I Love Me Foundation’s role is in this community.
Despite the sombre tone of the reason for the event, the mood was optimistic because the leaders are speaking up and taking a stand against this social evil, and a foundation providing resources to help the victims get out, get to safety and live again exists with open doors to help those who need it, when they need it.
If you are interested in learning more about the I Love Me Foundation, please visit their website at The educational information on their site is of good use to people across the entire spectrum to understand abuse in all its various forms, and could be of serious value to any person in an intimate relationship where the sad days outweigh the happier ones. Visit, browse, read and empower yourself to not become a victim, and if you are, to know where to and how you can reach out for help.