It was a beautiful day at Markham Park for Pets’Broward event Lets fetch their balls. Attendees enjoyed a day with their dogs and friends and learned more about how to help make a high-volume spay/neuter program a reality in Broward County. Attendees also Enjoyed tasty treats from local food trucks, some lucky people adopted a friend for life, while others showcased their dog’s cutest or coolest tricks! Make sure to support this local charity who does so much for our 4 legged friends. For more info go to
About Pets’ Broward
For decades, shelters have responded to the problem of pet overpopulation reactively, allocating millions of dollars to programs like euthanasia and temporary sheltering. The model has been the same for decades: animals are made available for adoption, when shelter reaches its capacity, perfectly adoptable cats and dogs are killed in order to make room for the new pets brought in to shelters each day.
This problem stretches beyond Broward County. In America, billions of private and public dollars are poured into animal welfare programs because they are using the same model that does not work. High volume spay and neuter programs are the only proven method to ending pet overpopulation.
Pets’ Broward is an organization dedicated to stopping the killing of adoptable cats and dogs in Broward County’s animal shelters by changing the model so that it reduces the pet overpopulation problem at its root cause. This model is a high-volume spay and neuter program for Broward County’s pets.
We know this approach works because Jacksonville implemented this same program. The number of adoptable dogs and cats killed at Jacksonville’s animal shelters is down 78% and they expect to be a completely no kill community by 2014.
Other communities are also following suit, Miami-Dade voters overwhelmingly approved a plan to get Dade’s pet overpopulation problem under control. When Dade voters were asked to if they wanted to save thousands of animals’ lives, 65% voted YES for a legislation funding a similar pet life-saving initiative.
Our mission here in Broward is the same as the No More Homeless Pets Network. We want to effectively, permanently, and by reasonable means, eliminate the killing of adoptable animals in Broward County shelters. The only way to accomplish this goal is to first solve the problem of pet overpopulation with a community-wide spay and neuter program.
Pets’ Broward has a plan of action to do so, but we need your support. Let your commissioners know you want to be given the opportunity to vote YES on saving the lives of thousands of innocent animals in the 2014 election. Thousands of Broward’s innocent homeless animals need our help; let’s work together to pave a new way forward and stop the killing.