The HUBB will Make Miami the New Silicon…Beach

Silicon Valley Developers Google Licensed Opened HUBB in Miami!

Only One of It’s Kind in Florida! 

hubbopenFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Miami, Florida, June 15, 2016– Moustafa Elsehrawy, Co-founder and CEO of HUBB, is proud to announce, “We have chosen to make Miami the next destination for talent development, innovation and entrepreneurship. More than just co-working, we are a creative collaborative working space where you can come and grow because we are here to help you through business-to-business services.” The main focus of the HUBB is to incubate start-ups and help existing businesses grow by matching them with mentors and investors.

HUBB in Eastern Languages means “Love” and they’ve taken that positioning to heart, combining talents, resources and ideas with leadership that can create amazing success for the community as a whole. The HUBB’s purpose is to narrow the gap of South Florida from other more technologically advanced areas, give opportunity to talented locals, and have investors of the world connect with all of the above, in one great space.  Abdellatif Bedier, Co-founder and President of HUBB, “We are here to create the new Silicon Valley … or Silicon Beach. We are forming strategic alliances and partnerships with the most prestigious professionals, companies and universities, believing collaboration delivers superior results.”

Some of the HUBB’s innovative programs the community will be invited to try, include:

  • HUBB Academy- Live and online programs so business people can learn what they need to grow, featuring a variety of topics from technology to fitness and health.
  • HUBB Solutions – Where a huge team of developers and designers’ mission is to help start-ups and businesses around the world, with a business development process, capable of helping all kinds of businesses in versatile industries with everything their business needs to take them to the next level. HUBB study’s a business, SWOT analysis, and Marketing strategies to be able to give the right guidance and also execute a plan for a business to develop accordingly and successfully.
  • Mini HUBB – A Youth Program that exposes children (starting at age 5) to technology, including coding, robotics, 3D printing, etc…, inspiring young entrepreneurs to change the world by getting them exposed to cutting edge technology and teaching them about business & entrepreneurship, where they are taught to instead of being a user be a creator. Using the Multiple Intelligences Theory, HUBB explores the kids skills in order to be able to figure out what is the best thing they are good at, so the investment is in their skills, and they can be able to utilize them in the best way they can, in order to eventually be ready, willing and able to change the world in their very own unique ways…
  • HUBB is also a GOOGLE CS Learning Center.

The HUBB Senior personnel successfully presented their Company vision and unveiled their new Interactive VR technology at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida, during the CAMACOL’s, 37th Hemispheric Congress of Latin Chambers of Commerce and Industry Events.  During these 3 days, they introduced HUBB’s visionary business model with new and innovative co-working space and services, powered by advanced technologies and pristine facilities. In addition, Abdellatif Bedier was also one of the keynote speakers in their panel discussing E-Commerce, SSL and the Internet of things.  HUBB presentations at the Biltmore, culminated with a VIP Grand Opening, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the HUBB facilities in Medley, Florida with Mayor Roberto Martell and distinguished guests, as well as members of the community, media and respected keynote speakers, whom  shared new advancements for the internet and demonstrated ground-breaking virtual reality technology, which are part of what HUBB offers, a place where one can dive into a day dream or build your own world, and where you can do the job you always dreamed of doing without regrets.

An immersive panel on the collaborative working environment, presented entrepreneurs with ways to discover all the new and innovative tools and solutions that they will love to experience, while they consider working at Miami’s most innovative HUBB. The HUBB’s vision and mission is based on values that stem from the belief that together great things are possible!

Some of the Keynote Speakers at their grand opening presentation, included Osama Bedier (CEO of POYNT, formerly of GOOGLE), Roger Ramsammy (President of Miami-Dade College West), Nelson Tarke (President of CAMACOL) and Ahmed Bedier (President of United Voices of America).

If you want to learn more about the HUBB please go to –  For additional information or supplemental materials about their events or media relations pertaining to The HUBB, please connect with Marisela D’Baldriche, CEO/Producer of The Versatile Group of Hollywood at  954-274-7538 or email your inquiries to

Special thanks to Eye On South Florida a division of Eye On Media Network (EOMN) for event coverage.