lmftlTick! Tock! Time Flies…

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And you’ve waited until the, yes, Last Minute to make your plans. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Discover the rewards of not planning ahead. The “pros” of procrastination. At LastMinute Lauderdale, when time flies you can climb aboard and let it take you someplace great.

Have you ever noticed how, despite the best of intentions, you lose track of time and you end up missing out on a great event, a rare concert, a limited time offer or a terrific deal? That’s if you were even aware of them. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to be everywhere at once, so it’s likely the majority of the “Expiring Experiences” out there will disappear without you even knowing about them. That’s bad for you, and bad for the merchant, the non-profit, the artist. But now, the LastMinute Community can be your eyes and ears, hipping you to all the best now-or-never local happenings. We’ll count down what’s going on in Fort Lauderdale so you don’t have to.

Our Mission: Connect the Community and Create Opportunity. LastMinute Lauderdale is a social network helping people share great, time-sensitive opportunities with each other and enabling the creators of these opportunities to connect with their audience. By sharing information we help people discover hidden gems, maybe save some money and create a following for our local businesses and charities. LastMinute Lauderdale is a central point to get the word out at, like the name says, the last minute.
How does it work?

Members of the community from all over the greater Fort Lauderdale area can share the details of the “Expiring Experiences” they uncover in their daily lives by posting them, for free, in a “Tick!-it“. Artists can stay in touch with their fans, and let them know when and where they’ll be performing next. Merchants can use LastMinute Lauderdale to instantly connect with their customers and post spontaneous specials they may not have planned on or that may be in short supply. Non-profits can announce events, auction items or their last few event tickets to a larger community than they can normally reach. The possibilities are endless and the guiding principle is to share information for the benefit of everyone.

You benefit by getting to browse through our in-flight Tick!-its and take advantage of the ones that catch your interest. Tick!-its are normally sorted by the date posted, like Twitter, but you can resort and filter to your heart’s content. And when you find out about a great “Expiring Experience” that deserves to be shared, you can give back to the community by submitting the details in your own Tick!-it.

Writing a Tick!-it costs nothing (unless you choose to unlock additional posting features by joining as a Contributing Member), doesn’t take long and allows you to spread the word about anything you think other people should know about. By submitting a Tick!-it you’re joining the LastMinute Crew, and helping to determine the content and direction of LastMinute Lauderdale. When you write a Tick!-it on LastMinute Lauderdale, click on the Dig It and Did It buttons or comment on your favorite Tick!-its you’re promoting opportunities that support your local community. Tick!-its submitted by the LastMinute Community are moderated to ensure they conform to the LastMinute spirit.

As the flock of Tick!-its grows, it will exponentially increase the odds that you’ll find out about some great things that you wouldn’t want to miss. At the same time, it vastly increases the audience for a anyone who’s got something special to offer.
How do you get started? Simple:

Step 1. Help Yourself! Browse our in-flight Tick!-its and discover now-or-never local deals, specials, events and fleeting offers. Crowdsourced and shared by the LastMinute community and our Contributing Members.

Step 2. Help Others by sharing, liking and commenting on your favorite Tick!-its. And when you find that fab deal, first-class meal or smashing event, be the first to spread the word. Write your own Tick!-it and submit it! It’s Free!

If you find yourself submitting Tick!-its often, would like more control over the look of your Tick!-it, or if immediate posting is critical, you might want to consider becoming a Contributing Member. As a Contributing Member, your submission:

is posted immediately, with no moderation, or can be scheduled to be automatically posted in the future,
will show your name as the author of your Tick!-it (instead of the generic “LastMinute Community” ),
can be found, along with all the other Tick!-its you’ve written, by clicking on your name,
will include your Logo on each Tick!-it you post (instead of a generic category button),
can be formatted using HTML tags, with access to Quick Buttons for easy styling,
can contain unlimited text (instead of a 600 character limit for non-members),
can include multiple custom images uploaded by you,
can be tagged with custom tags, created by you,
can include unlimited links,
will be posted to LastMinute Lauderdale’s facebook page (in addition to our Twitter stream).

In addition, as a Contributing Member, your organization’s Profile, including a description and your picture or logo, will be featured at the top of the sidebar next to every Tick!-it you write.

Good things come to those who wait. So do it now. Procrastinate! And Live LastMinute!
Sit back, relax, put your tray table in the upright position and, on behalf of your Flight Crew, thank you for flying LastMinute Lauderdale.