MRA_8556Our sixth Deadly Sin, Sloth,  is defined as physical or spiritual laziness. In the Christian faith, sloth rejects grace and God. Sloth has also been defined as a failure to do things that one should do. By this definition, evil exists when good men fail to act. Sit back and listen to The Importance of Being Idle  with drinking this  cocktail created by Premier Beverage’s master Mixologist Nick Nistico:

The Creamy Beast
2 oz Bols Yoghurt Liquor
2 oz Damrak Gin
.5 oz Local Honey
Shake and serve up
Garnish with Holiday Sprinkles

Tonight’s tune is The Importance of Being Idle by Oasis: “My best friend called me the other night He said, “Man, are you crazy” ? My girlfriend told me to get a life She said, “Boy, you’re lazy”. But I don’t mind as long as there’s a bed. Beneath the stars that shine. I’ll be fine if you give me a minute A man’s got a limit. I can’t get a life if my heart’s not in it, hey, hey“.

Remember to check back nightly after dark for each spellbinding recipe in this series.


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*The Seven Deadly Sins
Avaritia: Greed – Wanting too much of something – Boiled in oil 
Gula: Gluttony – Taking too much of something in – Forced to eat rats, snakes, spiders, toads 
Fornicatio: Lust – The need to fulfill unspiritual desires – Roasted by fire and brimstone 
Invidia: Envy – Jealousy; wanting to have what someone has – Encased in freezing water 
Acedia: Sloth – Being too slow or lazy at doing something – Thrown into snake pits
Ira: Wrath – Vindictive anger; revenge – Torn apart, limb from limb 
Superbia: Pride – Being too self absorbed – Broken on the wheel