MRA_8547-greed2“Money money money money, MONEY…” Our wicked series continues with Greed: the desire for material wealth or gain above all else. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness. Greed is linked with the frog and the color yellow. Your punishment in Hell: You’ll be boiled alive in oil. Bear in mind that it’s the finest, most luxurious boiling oil that money can buy, but it’s still boiling. You may not want to share this golden cocktail created by Premier Beverage’s master Mixologist Nick Nistico,

3 oz Stoli Gold
1 oz Lillet Blonde
Stir gently with ice, strain neat
Orange twist garnish (spider optional)
Serve ice cold, like my greedy heart.

Tonight’s tune is The O’Jay’s For the Love of MoneyFor the love of money People will lie, rob, they will cheat. For the love of money People don’t care who they hurt or beat. For a small piece of paper it carries a lot of weight. Oh, that mean, mean, mean, mean, mean green. Almighty Dollar! Talkin’ bout, talkin’ bout – cash. I know that money is the root of all evil. Money can drive some people out of their minds. For the love of money No good, no good, no good.

Remember to check back nightly after dark for each spellbinding recipe in this series.


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*The Seven Deadly Sins
Avaritia: Greed – Wanting too much of something – Boiled in oil 
Gula: Gluttony – Taking too much of something in – Forced to eat rats, snakes, spiders, toads 
Fornicatio: Lust – The need to fulfill unspiritual desires – Roasted by fire and brimstone 
Invidia: Envy – Jealousy; wanting to have what someone has – Encased in freezing water 
Acedia: Sloth – Being too slow or lazy at doing something – Thrown into snake pits
Ira: Wrath – Vindictive anger; revenge – Torn apart, limb from limb 
Superbia: Pride – Being too self absorbed – Broken on the wheel