WHAT: Opening Night Red Carpet for the 28th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.
Opening night of the 28th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival did not disappoint! From red carpet interviews, to the films, ending with a Great Gatsby Party it was a little slice of heaven for film makers and film lovers.
Stephen Moyer (True Blood) executive producer of the opening night film, FREE RIDE, along with Shana Betz/producer-writer-director, Cerise Hallam Larkin/producer and Mark Larkin/executive producer. FLiFF’s Opening Night film FREE RIDE is the Fort Lauderdale based true crime story starring Anna Paquin.
Lea Thompson (Back to the Future), John Shea (Gossip Girl) stars of THE TROUBLE WITH TRUTH along with director Jim Hemphill. The story is of a divorced couple who reassess their relationship over one night.
Actor Danny Murphy, (There’s Something About Mary, Kingpin) in star-studded doc cinemaAbility along with director Jenni Gold, and producer Jeff Gold.
In the Oscar race for best documentary, cinemaAbility takes us on a thought provoking and humorous journey to explore the evolution of disability portrayals in film and television.
Isaak James, director and star of BY WAY OF HOME with producer/cast members Eva James and Whitney Parshall , and actor (father of Isaak and Eva) …
Alain Hasson. A story of family, friends and the ever more elusive American dream.
U of M alumni, Paul Osborne, director of FAVOR, a finely tuned dark comedy of twists, turns, and eye-opening surprise.
Stephane Everaert and Michel Nabokoff for the World Premiere of their short film, STOCK EXCHANGE
Alyn Darnay, director of the comedy KRISSY BELLE, about a Southern Belle’s adventure when she moves into Miami’s Latin Community.
The theme of the Opening Night Party was The Great Gatsby and what better location to host than Steve Savor’s 18,000 square foot mansion, Villa de Palma just off Las Olas. The party began at 8:30pm, following the Opening Night Film (7pm at Cinema Paradiso).