Eye on South Florida has become an official media partner of the Darrell Gwynn Foundation covering its events, wheelchair donations and helping to create awareness of the foundation’s mission.
Eye On South Florida (EOSF) TELEVISION NETWORK, is here to set a new stage in the ever-changing network television, satellite, cable, web, and mobile applications world of broadcasting, marketing and distribution, to provide, uncontrolled news and real stories of society that connects, communicates, entertains and creates social community hope and positive change for the NOW and FUTURE generations.
The Networks’ approach is unique and has an advantage in the marketplace because of the valuable airtime that is being provided by each channel pro bono to help raise awareness and funds for charitable organizations in each community, raising the bar on feel good programming that is conducive and positive to society at large, unlike other channels that flood the screens at home with content that involves violence, sex, drugs and evil. When it comes to children and youth, who look to listen to all mediums as a form of learning and visualizing the world and all things in it, communicators must be responsible and ensure that what their communicating is conducive to the well being of mankind.
EOSF will not compete for negative energy that is transmitted daily, via other frequencies. Instead, EOSF wishes to communicate positive news and entertainment via the many frequencies owned and operated in the United States.A critical factor in the production of content is that the team understands that television, technology, new trends in marketing, social media advertising, the World Wide Web, video games and the big screens are playing the biggest role in molding our kids. EOSF feels it is their moral duty and obligation as communicators to transmit positive information and content that is focused on news and entertainment that is not only fun, but also educates and delivers what is right for the people, instead of what is wrong!
The Network vows to roll out programming that invokes safety on all levels. Programming is smart with moral family values, modeled after a bygone era of Television, where it was safe for our children to watch TV. Interactive educational programs that help to empower the audiences are at the top of the list at EOSF. The Network is open to produce reality, comedy, drama, talk, news, live variety shows and even produce and distribute indie films from independent producers looking for a window to broadcast their content, as long as they are giving back to the community something that is worthy of their viewing and entertainment. EOSF’s mission is to help groom the future of communication with less gloom, while helping to promote the beautiful essence of the arts, music, theater, education, lifestyle, tourism, nutrition and all things good that can create generations of successful community leaders that enjoy healthy living.
EOSF is in its 2nd year of operation and the introductory stage has been very well received by the market. Due to the Networks’ proven track record with Eye On South Florida’s’ Channel 16, test.www.eyeonsouthflorida.com negotiations with cable operators are currently underway. The advantage points are focused on keeping an EYE on new trends and all things good, while exposing what is not good and potentially dangerous or hazardous in each community. Creating a window of opportunity for important information and positive news and entertainment content to flow… attracting special interest groups and advertisers. Keeping an Eye On all things that main stream media does not, will help position EOSF to compete with other main stream media companies like FOX.
The standard of excellence will continue to revolve around the EYE ON brand in each community, which has become the driving force within each channel. Keeping an EYE ON all things that matter in a community is important and each station plans to transmit the type of content that is relevant to local news and entertainment, as well as national and international. The idea is to create a powerful stage capable of carrying the weight that comes from positive programming and continue to keep an EYE ON the Scene of all things “GOOD”, producing content worthy of broadcasting and then leave a legacy behind for many generations to follow.
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